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Chef Austin's Catering and Southern Cooking produces Real Spice. These unique blends are surely some of the most exciting seasonings coming to the market. Everyone from beginner to the advanced cook, will enjoy using these mixtures of herbs and spices on their favorite dishes. The spices can be used on meats, vegetables,salads and soups.

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We are proud to present our line of Real Spices. These special blends bear the names:

Southern Blend

No salt but with a little kick. This blend is great for pork, vegetable-salads and grilling. The mixture of herbs and spices will burst with great flavor as you enjoy your meal.

Meridian Blend

This is one of the first blend of seasoning that was produced. It is a mixture that will enhance any dish from meats to vegetables. Its versatility in usage will amaze you every time you sprinkle it on your favorite dish.

Journee Blend

Low sodium and you won't need to add any salt. This blend has eight great ingredients that blend very well together. This blend can be used on just about anything you prepare. Great as a BBQ Rub and especially for dishes that taste great without all the salt.

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Southern Blend


Journee Blend


Meridian Blend


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